Thanks for visiting GreatLitRPGLiterary Role Playing Games = books with gaming mechanics and RPG themes.!

I started this website when I first discovered the genre. I intended to do my small part and help LitRPG grow with the only skills I had available at the time; web design and marketing.

Now I spend all my time writing, and a team of web designers and LitRPG readers manage the day to day here. I involve myself only to make improvements in the technology that prevents abuse, and to advertise the various books that reach the top of our rankings. Now, enough about me…

Last year (2018) GreatLitRPG helped introduced over 8,000* new readers to the genre, and we continue to penetrate markets that have never heard of LitRPG.

This website thrives on our users. They upvote the books they recommend, publish articles, choose what categories are available in the Finder Tool, and decide what is allowed here. You do not need any particular affiliation to become a member, only an account and a voice.

We want this website to be a nice thing for everyone, equally. We do not consider it ours. We consider it yours.


Justin Lincoln


Feature Overview

LitRPG Book Finder Tool – A sort-able database that displays LitRPG books by popularity, according to real user upvotes. This tool is a good resource to find the books you want to read with the terms you are already familiar with, and that are not on Amazon.

Quest Board – A place where we can all get together and accomplish small tasks to help the genre grow.

LitRPG Blog – Here you will find useful writing tips, news on LitRPG, and more. This is a place for fans to engage in thoughtful discussion, and for authors and other professionals to grow their brand and thought leadership.

Member Database – Anyone with an account can create a profile and select a profession. If they so choose, their profile can be found in this member database when users search for Authors, Voice Actors (narrators), Beta Readers, Editors, Graphic Designers, and more. These professionals are SELF IDENTIFIED. As such, it is important to you do your due diligence when choosing someone to work with. We have provided reviewing capabilities to help this along, but please don’t let that be your only source of information. Use this to see who is who in the genre, and as a jumping off point to find professionals experienced with LitRPG.


* This number was calculated by a combination of statistics provided by Google Analytics and our various advertising dashboards. We took the number of new users to our website; then through a combination of our advertising conditions, landing page intent, and custom audiences, we identified users that where already familiar with the genre, and removed them from that total. We then subtracted a generous 10% to account for the small differences in the way different third party platforms measure the same metrics. In more approachable terms, we counted all the new users to our website that discovered us from advertisements specifically designed to attract people that haven’t heard of LitRPG, but showed similar qualities to those that do. *