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It has been two years since the Shift—when most technology stopped working, and the laws of physics changed. Humanity has been brought to its knees. Like other survivors, Noah Henson has heard rumors of the Aelves. Among other guesses, predatory aliens seem as good as any other theory for what caused the Shift.

But for Noah, everything else takes second place to survival, sometimes even self-respect…or any sort of decency. Lawless, post-apocalypse America had forced Noah to make many difficult decisions, and he has never seemed to choose correctly. However, despite hating himself, he doesn’t have the strength or the courage to change.

He will get a lucky break in a big way, though—a mysterious orb with otherworldly power.

In time, perhaps Noah will find another path. And if he does die during the Shift, maybe it won’t be the end of his story.

Sometimes, another chance can be an opportunity for redemption.

From the Author

Outspan Foster primarily writes Young Adult stories. Blaise Corvin generally writes adult Fantasy/Science Fiction.

Anthem of Infinity is a GameLit, Young Adult, post-apocalypse series featuring a young, modern-day bard. First Song, Book One includes dark themes and gritty violence, appropriate for a barbarous world where the strong take what they want, and safety does not truly exist.

Join Noah as he discovers that fate has more in store for him than merely selfish survival and cowardice.

If someone truly chooses to win back their self-worth, to do what’s right, a greater challenge means they must work harder to succeed.

What would you do if you could live your life over again, knowing what you know now?

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