raiya starter zone russell wilbinski

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Skree loved playing Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. When he becomes the first player to reach level 100 in his favorite game, he is offered the chance to test a brand new game. Never one to read the fine print, he jumped at the chance to be the very first player to see the brand new game.

But some opportunities are just too good to be true…

Awaking to find himself trapped in a brand new world and struggling to survive, James must find a way to master the game and escape the world of Raiya. Angry wildlife, gargantuan monsters, and mysterious allies are not the only things he has to worry about. Will he have the backbone to do what is right and not what is easiest?

Will the carefree Skree find something worth fighting for? Something worth dying for?

Authors Note – Thanks for your interest in Raiya: Starter Zone. During this books initial publication, it was edited personally and it showed. While I may tell a great story, editing isn’t my strong suit. As I promised myself, any profits made from this book would be used to enhance my current and future works, and I have done just that.

This book was recently re-edited by the professional editing house – Chimera – and I must say, they did amazing work. Please enjoy the newly updated book in all its glory!



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