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Get ready to embark on not one, but two, journeys.

Virtual Reality is the latest portal to fantastical, magical lands, waiting to be explored. Enter the intricate land of Barakdor, where all is not what it seems.

Would you go full immersion?

What if you had to?

What if our Earth was dying and it was your only means of escape?

For Lincoln and Alexa, it’s a no brainer. Go full VR while escaping their dying Earth, or perish with it. They are the lucky ones, the chosen few. They are on board the last ship to leave Earth bound for a new planet.

But have Earth’s problem’s followed them?

Has greed pursued them?

Will man destroy its last hope?

Lincoln has a dream. Alexa has to learn to survive. Enter the sprawling world of Barakdor, where fantasy and Virtual Reality collide to bring you a fantastical tale.

Would you go full VR?

Five books ready for your pleasure, three more coming.

Two tales, one land, scroll up and start your journey today!


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