inside out

It’s just another day in Boston for Mitch, Luke, Alyssa, and Stephanie. They’re four college-aged friends who like to play the popular online game Bloodfeast MMO together. But when they log in to the game, none of their characters are where they’d last saved them and Mitch’s character has two new items – a mysterious orb and a scroll.

Before the friends can figure out why, they’re blinded by a bright flash of light. When their vision finally returns, they’re shocked to find that they’re now inside the game in their characters’ bodies. But the friends are even more surprised when they learn that their characters somehow left the game and are now in their bodies back in Boston.

Trapped in the fantastic world of Bloodfeast, the friends embark on a quest to try and get back to their reality. In this world filled with magic, shifters, and monsters, they face one challenge after the next as they look for a way home.

Meanwhile, the Bloodfeast characters try to find their way around modern-day Boston. With no magic or shifting abilities, the characters have a hard time adjusting to life in 21st century America.

WARNING: This book contains extreme violence, sexual situations, bad language, worse language, vandalism, drinking, blood and gore, gore and blood, bloody gore (but don’t worry – no gory blood), six of the seven deadly sins, animals that shouldn’t exist, mildly disturbing behavior, seriously disturbing behavior, destruction of property, multiple decapitations, and a crazy lady who just might have all the answers.

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Author – Ellis Michaels

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