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Follow Sir Gorrow as he levels from squire to Knight of the Round Table, hones his fighting skills, improves his sword with crafting and the blessings of saints, then rides forth with King Arthur to defend the fortress city of Camelot against an ever rising tide of darkness and the armies of the Evil One.

The dream of the Round Table: What was once, could rise again!

The Camelot Overthrown series charts the rise of Gorrow, from Level 1 noob to unassailable Knight of the Round Table. In this first book, Gorrow is apprenticed to a knight who teaches him the ways of the lance and sword and together they go on quests to seek saintly blessings for Gorrow’s weapons.

But, in addition to being a knight, Gorrow also wants to build a town with a tower on the borderlands as a guard against the enemy to the east, and that creates a dilemma when it comes to allocating his skill points.

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