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Fallout meets Frostpunk in this Fresh Sci-Fi LitRPG!

After months in a frozen virtual wasteland, Scout still has no answers about how she got trapped in the sick and twisted simulation. While most inhabitants believe their world and the underground shelters that keep them alive are real, Scout knows the truth. As one of only a few who remembers, she’ll do whatever it takes to get answers.

With no clues about her situation and no way to escape the game, she has only one option; build a better world inside the game for herself and her new found friend, Missy. When rumors about a mysterious broken beacon lead Scout deep into Shelter 12’s black market, she sees an opportunity to advance. Harrison is just the man to help her.

The shrewd smuggler is anxious to unload the strange device as his ticket to a better life, and he needs all the help he can get. Scout assists him, but she has plans of her own. Once she achieves enough power, she will turn her attention to how and why everyone is trapped. Nothing will stop her from the learning the truth. Or so she thinks.

Fallout meets RimWorld and Frostpunk in this post-apoc, Sci-Fi LitRPG. One-Click today!

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