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An ancient continent is missing from Earth.
A primeval darkness threatens mankind.
A modern woman discovers her destiny.

When undercover agent Lily Thatcher is ordered to undergo a dangerous medical mind-wipe procedure prior to re-assignment, she avoids arrest and becomes a rogue agent. She quickly learns that there are much greater forces at work that are far beyond her comprehension.

Timur Demyan, formerly known as the feared Tamerlane of the ancient Tumurid Empire, has forged an alliance with a loathsome creature called the Leviathan. This beast’s insatiable hunger is currently being fed by another world’s few remaining souls.

For now.

Their paths meet at a showdown, but Lily knows that there’s far more at stake than just her mortality. A morbid question looms in the back of her mind:

Can she prevent Earth’s Apocalyptic Fate?

*Light LitRPG book, which has a Sci-Fi feel, where the characters encounter sci-fi elements in this fantasy world and enter the virtual game Darkforce*

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  1. As the Google Glass project nears its completion, it’s not hard to imagine the concept of digitized real-life stats. Enter a world in a not-too-distant future where Augmented Reality (AR) is a common part of life. Status bars, skills and characteristics are a common element in the day-to-day activities of gamers who have opted for CyberBolt Entertainment’s surgical implants. Unbeknowst to them however, the CEO of the world’s largest AR gaming platform has sinister intentions that are far beyond normal comprehension.

    “Conquest” is not your typical in-game story, but is instead a Portal Fantasy set in Real Life which answers the oft-unanswered question of how gamers get stuck in the game. This is the prequel to the “DarkForce” miniseries, a fully-immersed in-game experience. The first episode is set to release in spring 2018. Pick up “Conquest” now for only 99 cents to dive deep into the story’s development, and stay tuned for the exciting new release of “DarkForce: Episode 1”!

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