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Law enforcement officer by day, detective Matt Richards accepts his police partner’s challenge to enter the Augmented Reality game DarkForce. Now a gamer by night, Matt struggles at first as he gets accustomed to the game mechanics. Before long though he begins leveling up as he faces dangerous creatures and monsters of all kinds, but not without its hiccups. While his friend Levels Up at a much more rapid pace, Matt finds himself getting angry and frustrated as time and time again he has to wait a 24-hour penalty lockout after each time his character gets killed. But despite his frustrations, the world of DarkForce is intoxicatingly beautiful and the game itself is highly addictive and offers a great escape for his mundane life.

You are about to enter the world of DarkForce. Do you wish to proceed?
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***WARNING: This GameLit Saga is highly addictive***

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  1. As the Google Glass project nears its completion, it’s not hard to imagine the concept of digitized real-life stats. Enter a world in a not-too-distant future where Augmented Reality (AR) is a common part of life. Status bars, skills and characteristics are a common element in the day-to-day activities of gamers who have opted for CyberBolt Entertainment’s surgical implants. Unbeknowst to them however, the CEO of the world’s largest AR gaming platform has sinister intentions that are far beyond normal comprehension.

    “Conquest” is not your typical in-game story, but is instead a Portal Fantasy set in Real Life which answers the oft-unanswered question of how gamers get stuck in the game. This is the prequel to the “DarkForce” miniseries, a fully-immersed in-game experience. The first episode is set to release in spring 2018. Pick up “Conquest” now for only 99 cents to dive deep into the story’s development, and stay tuned for the exciting new release of “DarkForce: Episode 1”!

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