enter the clockworld jared mandani

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Craft cool weapons. Join the war. Save the day.

The year is 2099. Scientific progress has rendered most professions obsolete. People divide their time between the Wakeworld—real but mundane—and the Dreamweb—virtual yet limitless. The latter is where people go to get educated, earn money and have their fun. There are thousands of different worlds to explore and games to play in the Dreamweb. You can be anyone or anything you wish to be. And, here, the digital copies of your dead relatives live on (as Digital Citizens, or DCs); you can even hang out with them, providing that they paid for the transfer procedure.

For Benjamin, mechanic and owner of the last chopper shop on Earth, this was supposed to be just another virtual date with Daphne. But as the young people’s avatars wander into a retro version of New York, they witness the murder of Baron Plunkett, a supposedly immortal DC.

That event will turn Benjamin’s life upside down. Soon, he will uncover a conspiracy that will have him question everything he thought he knew about reality. As riots erupt all over the Wakeworld and Daphne gets kidnapped, he will have to enter the Clockworld—one of the Dreamweb’s biggest universes, where huge factions vie for power—and make use of his manual skills to save the day.

Benjamin still ignores it, but they’re on the verge of a First Virtual World War. Can the mechanic do anything to prevent it?

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