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Strap on your VR visors and dive into this epic GameLit (Gaming Literature) collection that will immerse you in several exclusive in-game expansion stories by a handful of talented authors, including USA Today Bestselling authors Anthea Sharp and Brian D. Anderson! We are excited to feature the following stories:

The Runner by Brian D. Anderson
Drake Sharazi, disgraced former captain of the Royal Guard has spent the past seven years chasing fugitives as a hawker. He has never failed to complete an assignment. And this new runner will not be an exception. But being able to do a thing, does not mean you should. Now he is forced to question the world around him as never before.

Trinket: A Feyland Tale by Anthea Sharp
High-tech gaming and ancient magic collide when a computer game opens a gateway to the treacherous Realm of Faerie.

Violet Yamaguchi can’t wait to play the immersive new computer game, Feyland – but she doesn’t suspect the game wants something in return…

DarkForce: Conquest Expansion 1 by R. M. Mulder
While battling each other in an FPS setting, players must find a set of hidden stones infused with an ancient power and return them to various obeslisks surrounding the land. Little do they know however, that the more they level up in the game, the more they carry out the sinister work of the loathsome creature called the Leviathan.

Less than Zero by Terry Spider
Marshall is a computer engineer working with the DoD. He gets thrown into a virtual reality experiment by accident. The AI comes alive with the concept of ‘a greater good.’, and with it, Marshall is forced to play a high stakes game of survival. The decisions Marshall makes will put his real world family in danger as well as balance the fate of the world both in and outside the game.

A Dungeon’s Desire by Eden Redd
Lyndra was a player in the sexy VRMMORPG, Lewd Saga. When her code is manipulated without her consent, she is forced to become a dungeon core. Her sole purpose is to build a better dungeon and fight players who invade her underground realm. Can Lyndra adjust to her new digital life before players crack her core and delete her permanently?

Tower of Necros by A.E. Scully
Gaming teen finally gets the alpha for the long awaited big MMORPG, only to get sucked in, and trapped on Survival Mode. While barely staying alive during a boss battle, he discovers that he might not be trapped alone…

Seraphim: Level Zero by Dimitri G Knight
While Ryan sees this as another milestone in his quest for power inside and outside of the game there seems to be another piece to the puzzle. There’s much more to this game then meets the eye, in form and maybe in feathers above the skies he seeks to climb to.

Why no one likes you: Hate, Level and Cryptocurrencies by Stan Faryna
Magda Ioana Voicu lives in the exciting times of our near future. AI, cryptocurrency, Universal Basic Income, extreme climate events, and hardcore gaming are fixtures in the general landscape of 2025. She just wanted a game where she could steal, kill and destroy stuff with a side dish of awesome. That’s what the best games are all about, right?

Pre-screening Test by James Wymore
Chris and Ron spend most of their free time in virtual Reality because real life is drab and their squad rains fiery death down on anyone they oppose. As they near the end of high school, their plans are just to keep dominating cyberspace, until Chris learns that a post-labor society uses a two-year full-immersion VR test to decide who gets in. No job and robot servants for life? Obviously, they registered. The only problem is, before they can take the test, they must pass a pre-screening—also in VR. Hey, this is their jam, right? What could go wrong?


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