grum barbarian barista john rickett

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Grum! Defiler of Corpses.
Grum! The Butcher of Balor.
Grum! The God Stomper.
Grum! …Minimum-wage Barista?

The vortex. The feeling of being ripped apart. When he’d awoken after the fight with Albatross, he was in this realm. A realm filled with tall buildings and small people, with no way to get home—and nothing to kill to make himself feel better about it.

Then he saw it, taped to the window of Tarbean Café:


A quest! In his realm, he’d looted every dungeon, butchered every end-game boss, ravaged the entire map in a crashing wave of blood and glory.

He could surely brew the perfect cappuccino.

But Grum learns that not all quests can be won through smashing faces and intimidation. If he is to become The Legend of Latte, his new adventuring party, Gabe and Candice, must teach the veteran barbarian to embrace patience, finesse, and cooperation.

And try to keep the customers from getting butchered.

WARNING: Contains BARBARIAN!, Stat blocks, gamer jokes, crude humor, idiocy, battle-axes, magic items and experience points.

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