hell's glitch

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A brand new LitRPG adventure for fans of dark adventure games. Inspired by a dark masterpiece.

Twenty years into the future, an independent virtual reality developer named Fulton Milner creates a VR program that is so immersive that it truly fools the mind. His program, a virtual resort, created such pleasurable immersion that he is soon recruited by a renown games studio. Here, one of Milner’s projects, a virtual fantasy game, catches the eye of some investors and he is finally given the approval he needs to begin the project that would define his career. It’s a dark fantasy adventure simulator known only as Project DH.

Sam Nagai thought testing videogames would be a dream job until he got saddled with a ton of barely playable mobile games that used very wonky holographic gimmicks. The lack of fun in these games and small pay makes Sam typically reluctant whenever he gets a call for a new gig, but customers for his art commissions have been scarce and Sam needs all the money he can get. He finally gets a call for a new gig with potential bonus pay, but not much else is known about the game itself. From what he does know, it sounds sort of interesting. Virtual reality, dark gothic fantasy world, role playing game mechanics, and uber hard difficulty? Sam’s all in for that. After all, even if he gets in over his head, the simulation isn’t truly real so there’s not really any danger.

Join Sam in a virtual sword and sorcery role playing adventure where the main goal is survival at all costs. It’s an adventure that’s filled with diverse starting classes, customizable combat options, upgradeable weapons and armor, upgradeable statistics, open ended questlines, realistic NPCs with classically trained voice actors, a dark and atmospheric immersive game world, multiplayer content, eye popping creature designs, and so much more. Players say its the perfect blend of simulation and fantasy, where their imaginations can truly run wild.

**Note to readers: If any of you are sensitive to swearing, then this book isn’t for you. There is copious swearing from the main character, Sam, that’s mainly played as a character flaw/trait for laughs and dramatic effect.

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