how to train your kaiju

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It’s not a game…

It was supposed to be a new tool for anger management. The deal was, I help beta test their new video game and get a microchip implanted in my hand to monitor my responses, and I get out on early parole. I have anger issues. And now Mom’s dying. Staying in prison, even if it’s only for a few months, isn’t an option when she’s got so little time left.

But a lot of things don’t make sense. For example, why is Dad, who ditched Mom for another woman only a few years after I was born, so keen to make me go to college? And why on earth is the mysterious company whose game I’m playing, willing to pay so much money as an incentive to attack certain targets in their game?

And the game? I’ve never played anything like it. I’m a kaiju, a giant monster, an avatar of destruction. It’s immersive and empowering and it just might be my ticket to taking control of my life.

Until a kaiju shows up on campus and the entire world changes…

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