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Once a hero, now a zero.

As a soldier, Bryan Walker was both fearless and skilful. However, fate had handed him the cruellest of tests. He suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD and now a paraplegic without a penny under his name.

Trying to escape the fickle and harsh reality, he shut himself in. His only companion and salvation was the online game called Last Illusion XX Online. Starting from scratch, he rose from the bottom rung and became one of its Legendary Demon King. But that too did not last as the game ceased to operate.

However, this time, it was not without its reward. Having a new lease of life given to him, what could Bryan Walker do next as he dived into the new world of VRMMORPG called Noble Path Online? The state of the art game was the best ever created, bridging between reality and fantasy world. A reality he once afraid of, and a fantasy that he cherished and love.

Would he climb the peak of existence, conquering everything the game has to offer, like he did in LIXXO or would he finally find it too tough and to call it quits, yet again. The virtual game world had now become real.

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