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Royal Road Legends

Reality is subjective.

Fiction is the greatest escape.

Cortex Industries has created the most immersive fictional reality of it’s kind. A lively Mesoamerican-inspired world where feathered serpents and jaguar-men roam as freely as the players, and the players can do whatever they please. After all, it’s only a game.

The open beta is live, the playtesting has begun.

And Lilly is stuck. Lost in a world she doesn’t recognise, with rules that make better sense on a screen than in the space around her, she isn’t sure how she got here. Things get more complicated when the reality is someone else’s, and you can’t escape the fiction.

But when ‘reality’ hands you a staff, a totem, and a handful of magic powers, you have to start picking up the rules quickly. And playing this out to the end may be the only way out.

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