restart level up dan sugralinov

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One day Phil, a 30-year old Russian whose biggest achievement in life is a 150 level rogue in WoW, wakes up with an augmented reality interface. It not only allows him to see real life as a game, it even allows him to grow himself by spending skill and attribute points. It serves as a wake up call and gets him to start to change his life for the better. Of course, no gift is for free…

Most of the book reads as a slice of life mixed with game elements. The game rewards positive social interaction and is quite prominent part of the story. Akashic records mixed with alien technology are the core explanation for the mechanics which works well. Good game elements, skill based with attributes and levels being a representation of rank within the game and not power. The mechanics made sense within RL.

It is real life of a normal person. Mostly devoid of action, so it might not be for everybody. It is about character development with a hint of more going on. The protagonist is an ordinary human with normal flaws who is slowly turning into a positive helpful man by the game.

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