storm bane

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“I’ve been told, Stormbane, that you live in the heart of danger and stoke your hearth with the bones of your enemies.”

“Actually, I live in Western Elderstone, and I stoke my hearth with wood like everyone else.”

Jenny is lost in a fantasy virtual reality online adventure game.

Everyone wants to call her “Stormbane” and offer her fetch quests, but all she wants to do is get back to her husband and daughter on the other side of Elderstone. As she searches for the way home, Jenny finds some unlikely friends and learns about the horrors and injustices committed upon them; goblins, orcs, and dragons alike.

She will come to lead her new clan, and battle the evil that is terrorizing the denizens of Elderstone.

Jenny must grow in power and learn how to ‘play the game’ if she is to have the slightest chance of going home.

Stormbane is a dark yet humorous soft LitRPG novella.

PLEASE NOTE! This is a Second Edition of Stormbane. The 1st edition was released in 2016. While there has been an extensive update of the text, the story is still essentially the same. If you purchased and have read Stormbane Edition 1, then please be aware that Stormbane Edition 2 is a revised story rather than brand new story.

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