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A ruined life. A broken heart.

​He thought it was the end, and his gun sat ready to make sure.

But an oddball offer from his only friend comes at the literal last second. Curiosity gets the best of him, and he finds himself sucked into iNcarn8, a game claiming to be a whole new life. Now as Montana, the larger-than-life tank warrior, he has one more last time to get his life right.

One More Last time is the first book in The Good Guys, a LitRPG GameLit series. If you like fast-paced adventure, RPG mechanics, and sweet level progression with a deep magic and game system, this book is for you. It has notes of The Land and classic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and stars a lovable idiot of a main character who can’t seem to shake his dark past and find the quiet life he so wants.

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Gear up for more LitRPG adventures with The Good Guys by Eric Ugland:
1. One More Last Time
2. Heir Today, Pawn Tomorrow
3. Dungeon Mauling
4. Four: The Loot
5. Dukes & Ladders

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