the land

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The acclaimed debut novel of the Best Selling LitRPG Saga, Chaos Seeds, from the Father of American LitRPG, Aleron Kong.

#1 in Cyberpunk and Video Game Fantasy

Over 3,000 positive reviews on Goodreads

Book 1 of The Land

Tricked into a world of Gods, demons, goblins, sprites and magic, Richter must learn to meet the perils of The Land and begin to forge his own kingdom. Actions have consequences across The Land, with powerful creatures and factions now hell-bent on Richter’s destruction.

Can Richter forge allegiances to survive this harsh and unforgiving world or will he fall to the dark denizens of this ancient and unforgiving realm? A tale to shake “The Land” itself, measuring 10/10 on the Richter scale, how will Richter’s choices shape the future of the land and all who reside in it? Can he grow his power to meet the deadliest of beings of the land?

When choices are often a shade of grey, how will Richter ensure he does not become what he seeks to destroy?

* Moderator Note – Please stop requesting we remove this book based off the Author’s behavior. This is LitRPG and as such, it has a place here. We pride ourselves on creating an unbiased way to help the genre grow as a whole, and we cannot do that if we involve ourselves in politics. Thank you for understanding. *


  1. Excellent story and I really enjoyed the MC. The last book was really long and I couldn’t have been happier. I can’t wait to see how the world will develop. Also, Nick Podehl is the narrator and he rocks.

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