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A weekly serial (~10000 words each) about a developer who realizes the game he helped create has self-aware NPCs. Heavy doses of adult themes, as he has major love interests in both the real and in-game world as he struggles to reconcile the two worlds. Best thought of as action/adventure romance. Three episodes so far. Blurb for the first book:

Swashbuckling Harem Adventures

That’s the aim of Seductive Seas. Deetz knows his team has built a great game, and is ready for the big release of this MMORPG. His boss, the beautiful, steely-eyed Carly, wants a final demonstration of the game’s selling points, however — seductive encounters and the combat mechanics.

It isn’t long before the head game designer is sucked into the story with the gorgeous, submissive NPC Zetta as he begins a quest to not only convince Carly the Seductive Seas game is ready for launch, but finds himself strangely astride two worlds — and drawn to two women who could not be more different.

The Seductive Seas series is a high adventure, harem ero romance that has something for everyone — beautiful women, strong personalities, pirates, treasure, role playing games, virtual reality. And an imperfect, relatable hero who struggles with doing right by multiple women and multiple worlds.

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