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Solace Online, a game world where the rich excel and the poor are tasked with proving themselves. On the outside it may seem like an escape from life in the Stations, giant skyscrapers that loom above the landfills suffocating Earth.

Unfortunately, a system defined by class exists in both realities. Deaun, a girl from the bottom rung, must prove herself not only in Solace Online but also in the Stations. Mydon, a boy from the top tier, will do all he can to stay under the radar; especially a particular person’s.

The emergence of a Quest Chain will affect both sides; Solace Online and the Stations will have their hopes resting on a small group of Players.

Will the Players be able to prove themselves?

Welcome to Solace Online, where realities collide and quests are king!

Gamelit / LitRPG
Multiple POV
Female MC
Not a Harem
Present Tense!!! (Yes, I’m yelling this)

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