travail online

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A corrupt server, a murderous NPC, and an impossible quest: Save the game. At all costs.

Coral joined the immersive virtual reality video game Travail Online because her waitressing job, like so many other jobs, was automated by a growing robot workforce. She starts as a Seamstress, hoping to craft useful clothing in-game to sell for real life cash. The game, however, has other ideas. She soon discovers a knack for peeling the skins off creatures she never thought she’d lay hands on and crafting grotesque wearables from them instead.

What starts off as job replacement quickly launches an adventure of epic proportions through a virtual reality world filled with magic, intrigue, and betrayal. Can she and her new friends rescue the MMORPG world of Travail from death and defeat before it comes crashing down, taking the world economy with it?

Welcome to Travail, where hard play makes fun work.

TRAVAIL ONLINE is a LitRPG series of books and short stories that follows players and non-player characters through the virtual reality world of Travail — complete with elves, magic, and mobs galore. SOULKEEPER is just the beginning. Click “Buy Now” to start reading today!

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