unholy grail

21 year old JONATHAN CAIN wakes up, fully clothed, in his apartment. The year, 2068, is given out by a news anchor on a T.V that was left on. The same news anchor conveniently informs Jonathan that the Holy Grail Tower was sighted in the nearby, and new, island state of Soltania. Jonathan quickly jumps from his window and climbs onto his, sound barrier breaking, motorcycle. He uses it to reach the island at breakneck pace. When Jonathan arrives he assists 19 year old MIA ALVES as she is beaten half to death by one of the Grail Hunters who hunt the Holy Grail. Jonathan takes Mia to the hospital and the pair return in order to enter the tower.

Upon entrance to the tower Jonathan and Mia are attacked by ARON. After defeating him he agrees to come with the pair to clear the tower since his main objective was finding someone strong enough to clear the 100 floors. The trio clears the next floor, defeating a boss on the way, and decides to take the elevator up to the 97th floor. On the elevator that meet a girl with two separate souls. One named SARA and the other SERENA. The group of four ascends to the next floor and splits up to clear the new rooms. Jonathan runs into YIN SHOJIRO. They battle and after Jonathan stuns Yin by breaking her helmet they team up. Yin meets the rest of the group, but recognizes Aron as her uncle. The group of five clears the next floor. They then encounter a spider woman who explains that Jonathan is a clone made from his father’s dna. The group arrives at the top floor only to run into DR. AMBROSE who is dubbed Gene by Jonathan because he doesn’t know his real name. They battle, Aron is impaled on his own sword, and the remaining team escapes through a hole in the tower.

The crew heads to Paris, France in order to meet up with Jonathan’s brother JACOB CAIN. Jacob let’s them into his facility/outpost dubbed OUTCAST CORNER. There they meet AZAZEAL. She is the archangel of death and Jacob’s wife. Jonathan and friends are introduced to the various members of KING’S COURT. Jacob summoned Jonathan and friends to his hideout because he needed help killing former member of King’s Court, XAVIER. Jonathan and crew are accompanied by Jacob and Azazeal (including French cannon fodder in Violet, Pierre, and Romeo) The team arrives at Xavier’s mansion and battles. All three of the cannon fodder characters are killed, but Romeo passes on the berserker ability to Mia. Mia manages to defeat Xavier with a blast of flame despite losing her arm.

After the battle they return back to Outcast Corner and Mia is informed she can receive a mechanical arm if she undergoes a painful operation. Mia agrees to undergo the operation as Jonathan is informed that JULIAN STINSON plans to destroy demon infested Australia with a giant light cannon. He LIGHT STINSON, AMY, THEO, and LOCK go to Julian’s airship in order to face him. Julian puts Lock in a coma upon battling him, cuts out a fourth of Light’s soul, disables Amy from the waist down, and shoots Jonathan with the light cannon. Jonathan would have died if Light hadn’t sacrificed another part of his soul and Serena her life. Jonathan only loses an arm and lies on the last remaining piece of Australia. He is approached by the god of water JEEVITH and Jeevith becomes his arm.

Something called The Hunt has begun back with the rest of the group. Other worldly beings called hunters have come to kill the most powerful humans concentrated in one area. This happens to be the members of Outcast Corner. Sara informs Mia and Yin that Jonathan has perished after being lead to believe so when she receives the backlash of her counterpart, Serena, dying. The trio leaves to survive the coming fight as other members of Outcast Corner are also attacked. The main hunters being Lord Crux, Maddox, Thalia and Apollonios. Jonathan returns to France with the help of Jeevith and fights Thalia. In the middle of the fight he transforms into his alter ego who kills Thalia, at least for the time being since hunters are immortal. Maddox is killed by Jacob who uses his magic laser gun, Brimstone, to reflect bullets from shards of broken glass into him. Lord Crux is also killed by Jacob, but not before he kills MARGUERITE, SNOW, AQUA, AND VIRGIL. The survivors include the main cast and very few others. Julian then teleports the group into his airship and informs them that everything they did in that fight was recorded and that The Hunt removes all collateral damage as it ends.

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