warlock reign of blood edwin mcrae

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Swords, Spells, Stats and Slaughter

Mark’s life of forklifts, forms, debts and divorce is gone. Now he’s a Warlock in an RPG called Reign of Blood.

Through dark forests, rugged mountains and ancient ruins, Mark will fight against slavers, savage creatures and the forces of insidious corruption. He will master magical tomes, cast spells of fire and fear, imbue his weapons with arcane might and seep through walls like mist. Quest by quest, level by level, Mark will find purpose, power, people to live and laugh with, and perhaps even a little love.

Mark has been given a second chance at life and he’s going to die as many times as it takes to keep it.

Beware! Warlock: Reign of Blood contains RPG mechanics, video game concepts, coarse language and violence.

If you’re an RPG gamer and fan of LitRPG, you’re in for an action-packed treat. Scroll up and click ‘buy now’ for a gory adventure in this first book of the Warlock LitRPG series!

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