The Different Types of litrpg gamelit

A Guide to the Different Types of LitRPG

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Literary role-playing games have two main categories. Crunchy LitRPG = A story that digs deep intro character statistics, interface prompts, damage dealt indicators and their relationship to the storyline. Light LitRPG = A story that includes all of the necessary LitRPG elements without the burden of frequently explaining or notifying the reader of numbers. There are many…

the allure of litrpg

Introducing LitRPG – The Allure

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LitRPG fiction scratches all the same itches that Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, or any other role playing games do- where a character literally progresses as they live through epic adventures, gaining tangible experience, skills and loot. The intent of this article is to highlight the aspects of the genre that appeals…