What is this website for?

The main purpose of this website is to grow the LitRPG (Literary Role Playing Game) genre of books. We do that by giving readers an unbiased way to find recommended books, we write informative articles to help authors on their journey to publishing success, and we provide a database and review system so authors can find editors, voice actors, and beta readers that are all experienced with the genre.

Why are there Ads on this website?

The revenue gained from our ads on Great LitRPG is used to promote the top books found within the LitRPG Book Finder Tool.

We will also occasionally publish the results of these promotions, the lessons we learned, and give tips to LitRPG authors who run their own promotions.

What is the best way to use this website?

That depends on what your goals are!

Find Great LitRPG Books – You can use our LitRPG Book Finder Tool to find books in the genre. They are all ranked by user votes and sort-able by categories! Make sure to vote on the books you recommend as well!

Sell More Books – We compile tools and resources for writers, that are suggested by other writers. You can take advantage of these resources to improve your craft. You can also list your LitRPG book in our finder tool to get your book in front of our large community of members. Sending your fans to vote on your book will allow it to show up higher in the LitRPG Book Finder Tool and increase your reach.

Narrate, Edit, or Beta Read More Books – Adding a profession to your profile will allow other members to find you. Everyone can search for the professions they need and review your services. See Discover LitRPG Members.

Grow My BrandBecoming a contributor will allow you to write articles for the community and grow your brand and thought leadership. Articles must provide value to the readers or help to start a discussion. Links are allowed.

Help Grow the LitRPG Genre – We believe the best way to help grow the LitRPG genre is to write a best selling book. If you are not a writer, or want to help in other ways, you can become a patron of this website, or to LitRPG authors, sign up as a beta reader, submit writing tips, suggest features for this website, or participate in quests on the Quest Board. You can also complete or post quests for the community on our Quest Board!

How do I submit a book?

Please provide the required information on this page to submit a LitRPG book!


What does each category mean in the Book Finder Tool?

Our categories are used to sort LitRPG books based on interest. For example, if you like books from a dungeons perspective you would click the “dungeon core” category!

For a more thorough explanation of all the categories please read up on the different types of LitRPG.

If you think a category should be called something else or a new one should be added, please fill out the sidebar form or message a moderator.

What are the rules to submitting a book?

A book must be classified as LitRPG, Gamelit, or any variation of the two to be submitted. The book can be one you wrote or just one you enjoyed. Web serials are allowed.


What happens after I submit a book?

A moderator will verify that your book meets the requirements and submit your book. Please allow 24-48 hours for this process. After the book is submitted it will show up on the front page under, “Recently Added / Updated”.

We will send out your book on our LitRPG twitter page so your fans will know it is there and can vote on it. It is highly encouraged that you let your fans know that they can vote for it as well!



How do I update a book or report an error?

There is a form on the sidebar of every book where you can submit changes. Alternatively, you can message an admin, or fill out a contact form.


Can't the Book Finder Tool be taken advantage of by authors?

We have technical safeguards in place to prevent users from manipulating rankings. In addition to these safeguards moderators periodically audit votes and user accounts.

What are the benefits of becoming a contributor?

Writing articles for the community allows you to brand yourself to our community. It also allows you to link to your book, Amazon page, website, etc. Articles are periodically published on our social media channels to help increase their reach.

For every article that gets accepted, you will be featured on our front page for one week.

How do I become a contributor?

If you would like to become a contributor please message a moderator or fill out a contact form.

Once we receive your request we will elevate your profile which allows you the access you need to publish an article. After you submit an article it will be held in moderation to ensure it follows our rules, which are found on the same page you publish articles on.

If accepted, your article will show up on our blog, be periodically shared on social media, and an admin will reach out to you to discuss what you want to be featured on the front page.

I have a website that helps grow the community, can you link to it?

Absolutely, please message a moderator so they can learn more about your website and find an appropriate place to link it on this website. Alternatively, you can create a profile for your website and list your link their. If you take this route, our users will be able to find you in our sort able member database. Just make sure to choose a profession that is related to your website!

Can I receive an email when someone sends me a PM?

Yes, you can access your notification settings in your profile. Find the gear icon that is below your cover photo, click it and select ‘My Account’. You should be redirected to another page where you can change all of your account settings.