Learn what best-selling books are doing

Teach yourself what makes successful cover art from a design perspective. For example, the majority of best-selling books have these cover art attributes in common;

  • They use contrasting color combinations
  • They include space / ensure the cover isn’t too busy
  • They include letter spacing in author text when they have space available
  • Most include teasers unless they already have a following

Here is a great guide that elaborates on the above.


Learn what styles dominate your genre

Research your genre. See what covers are working well within it. Decide if you want to follow the same format or do something different to stand out.


Finding a designer

There are tons of resources on the web for cover art. Start by looking for designers that have experience in your genre or the style you want. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples and shop around. In fact, that advice can be applied to many facets of life. You can’t decide the first designer you find is perfect for you if you haven’t seen what others are capable of.

We created a new feature that allows users to discover LitRPG experienced graphic designers! If you know one, feel free to recommend that they be added! You can also find and review editors, voice actors, beta readers, and more here!

Once you have found a designer you like, make sure they agree to give you the source files after project completion. Some designers will only give you the cover art in the format publishers need it. If this happens and you want to make ANY changes you will have to go back to the same designer. Get the source files just in case.

If you don’t want the hassle of networking and researching designers you can use ebooklaunch.com. Many authors in the community have used them with great success. They nicklel and dime you for formatting, but if you are in a rush they are usually a safe bet. (We are not affiliated with this company. If you have had a bad experience with this company please let us know!)


Average prices of cover design art

There are many factors that go into pricing of cover art, including;

  • Turn-around time
  • Formatting
  • Use of stock photos
  • Typography, etc.

Still the majority of authors pay between $100 to $500.

You get what you pay for. Some designers will give you cheaper prices if you use stock photography. Be careful with this as other authors can use the same stock photo as you. The better the stock photo the more likely other authors will choose the same photo as you did.


Final Tips

  1. You don’t need to tell the whole story in the cover art.
  2. Simple is sometimes best.
  3. The more educated you are about what you want and why = the less heartache you will have.
  4. We all make mistakes. Keep on educating yourself and putting the work in!

And most important of all – remember that your cover has one job. To get people to read your book!


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