This is an exciting moment in GreatLitRPG history! We would like to thank everyone that believed in us and saw our passion for growing the LitRPG genre even before we really figured out how to accomplish our lofty goals.

For our first LitRPG GiveBack Contest we have $200! 

This quarter we will select one winner that will receive that money in the form of free Facebook advertising. The contest, and the manner we reinvest back into the community may change every quarter, so be sure to check this page periodically.


How Do I Win the Free Advertising?

We will select one member based on reviews. To win you must have a profile on GreatLitRPG. The member that gets the most reviews on their profile by the end of this month (May 2018) will receive the prize.

  • Reviews will be monitored. False reviews will result in the removal from this and future contests.
  • Reviews do not have to be positive to count towards the contest.
  • If there is a tie, GreatLitRPG reserves the right to decide the winner, based on the members perceived ability to grow the genre.


How Do I Create a Profile?

  1. Create an account on GreatLitRPG
  2. Fill out your bio, upload photos, and select your profession.


How Do I Get Reviews On My Profile?

Your fans and readers must have an account to review your profile. The manner in which you get your fans to review your profile is up to you. It might be worth explaining to your fans that reviews on GreatLitRPG are not for one of your books, but for you as a LitRPG author, reviewer, publisher, or whatever your profession is. Having reviews will help you sell more books when users search for good LitRPG authors. To see this in action please visit our Discover LitRPG Members tool.


Let the contest begin! If you have any questions or concerns please PM Raid Leader or message us on Facebook.