Writers block. It happens to all of us. Great writers know this and practice steps to stay motivated to write. Just like you invest time into learning different writing styles, improving your punctuation, and building better characters; staying motivated to write is another skill you can improve.


Time Restraints

Some writers find it more motivating when they have a limited amount of time to write. If you set aside an entire afternoon to write, chances are, you don’t use the entire afternoon. You end up writing for about 1-2 hours of it. However, if you give yourself two 2-hour blocks to write throughout the day, you’ll find yourself using the time wisely and really pumping out some great lines.



If you don’t know what you’re going to write when you sit down, it can be an excuse for procrastination. However, if you have some ideas, or even a sentence to work off of, it’ll be easier for you to pick back up where you left off. Every time you’re about to take a break from writing, jot down a quick outline or some bullet points to kick-start the process next time. Alternatively, create a mental outline for where you are going to start writing in your next session every time you go for a car ride.

Not even sure where to start outlining? Read our beginners guide to writing.


Reward Yourself

We all need incentives to work hard and stay motivated. If you really want to catch up on your favorite TV show, tell yourself it’s only available once you’ve finished your chapter. Mixing the reward in with the writing before you are finished will lead to procrastination and a lack of focus in what you are penning. Dangle the rewards at the end of your writing session.

Staying motivated to write stay

It’s not always easy to stay motivated while writing, but after following these 3 tips, you’re more likely to sit down and really get some quality writing done.